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"I wanted you to know that the day after the cupola was installed, people were stopping me at the store, on the street, and at my house asking about my cupola. It is absolutely beautiful, and I could not be more pleased! I was amazed at the fast shipping! Thank you, and I love my cupola!"
Toronto, OH

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Ground Screw

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Ground Screw

SKU TCG-5804
An easy way to install your mailpost. Before installing please check for any underground utilities. Locate where you would like to install your mail post anchor and begin screwing using the bar. You may need to use a level to check that it is vertical. Continue screwing till you are about 1.5 inches above ground. Put your 4x4 post in the collar making sure the CLOSED end of the collar is to the front . Use the 5 lag bolts supplied secure the post to the collar do not over tighten. To remove simply unscrew. Made from: Galvanized Steel Size: 27" x 3" x 3"
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